Create your Crypto Faucet

We give you the opportunity to create your own Bitcoin Faucet in a matter of minutes. You will not create an ordinary faucet, you will create the best and most powerful faucet. You will get all the features you need to run a good Bitcoin Faucet business.


Additional information

Crypto Faucet Software is the new solution to create your Cryptocurrency Faucet that offers amazing features and functionalities.

Secured Funds

With our technology, your funds are secured. You don't need to worry that you will pay an user more.

Multiple Fraud verifications

Our consistency mechanisms make offline transactions as easy as transacting to a central database.

Full customizable content.

Customize your faucet's content easier than you'd thought. As the owner, you have control over your faucets.

Innovative Games

Cryptocurrency games developed with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

Instant Withdraw

We offer withdrawals directly to your wallet and compatibility with Faucetpay.

Jackpot System

Let your users win a jackpot and get additional benefits.

All Languages

Complete package of built-in languages ​​and automatic recognition.

Provably Fair

All games have random odds and offer a fair experience.

Staking System

Interest rewards of up to 6% per year per stake with global pool.

Software Administration Panel

Get a complete management of your Crypto Faucet administration, edit the configuration and parameters of the site, set the name of the site, the currency with which it will work, add their respective API keys, withdrawal commissions and security parameters.

With our statistics system you will be able to have a complete accounting of the actions of each user such as purchase of bonuses, number of plays, deposits and withdrawals.

Have full control of your Crypto Faucet, edit user accounts, suspend and delete, approve and cancel transactions at your preference, set game rewards according to your preferences and those of your users. Successfully add the Ads codes.

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